Sunday, 15 June 2008

A difficult decision

Dee is recovering very well - extremely quickly in fact. Cobs are so tough. Thank you to everyone who sent their wishes for her swift recovery. Sally - our yard manager - is putting Dee and Red out together during the day at the moment, so that Dee does not have to mix with the mare she fought with, but also does not have to be on her own. We have been walking her in hand everyday, and had intended to take her out for a short and quiet hack today, but as it is pouring with rain as I write, this may not happen.

Last week turned out to be quite momentous in several ways. We have been concerned that Red is not getting enough exercise. Lack of exercise makes him irritable and he has started to nip us. Despite all our good intentions we have not succeeded in riding out together more than twice a week consistently. 'รถ-Dzin has quite a demanding job at Cardiff University and finds that going to the stables straight from work he has enough energy to ride or to do all the horse-related chores, but not really both. Doing both would generally mean that we were not home till at least 8 pm and still needing to have dinner. It was all becoming a bit too much and not good for the horses either. It is also quite a bit more expensive at Wyndham Livery, and realistically we were find it a bit of a stretch financially. So we came to the difficult decision to put Red out on loan. If we could find the right person, it would be better for us and better for Red.

I put an advertisement in the window of our local horsey shop and had had a response within a couple of hours. I was amazed. Jayne came with her daughter to see Red and rode him in the arena. She is an experienced and capable rider and has owned horses herself in the past, so she knows what she is doing. We were able to come to an agreement and signed the papers yesterday. In the morning she took him for a long ride - they were out for over three hours. Red behaved perfectly - apart from neighing the entire ride - and Jayne seems happy with him. I have asked her to keep an eye on his feet as he is barefoot and not used to such long rides - but I have full access to him anyway and can check he is doing okay. Initially we have a trial period of two weeks, with the full terms of the agreement clicking in on 1st July.

It has felt strange only mucking out and feeding Dee, but I will be glad to have more time to spend with her. Red will stay at Wyndham and we shall be able to have him to ride out together once a week. If it works out it will be ideal in the long term for us and for Red. I'll let you know how we are getting along in future blogs.

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Victoria Cummings said...

I wish you lots of luck with your new partner who is leasing Red. I've seen it go both ways. My friend leased her beloved horse to a young girl and it was the best match in the world. I had a terrible experience leasing Silk for a month and I'll never do it again. Luckily, you'll be right there to be sure that everything is going the way you want it to.