Friday, 22 September 2017

Goodbye Dee

Dear Readers, this blog still receives a surprising number of hits each month. Thank you for your interest.

I am sad to report that Dee died in May of this year. She would have been about 27 years old. It was quick and she did not suffer long. She went down in the field and could not get up. It was her heart. She became weaker and weaker over an hour or two and the vet decided that the best thing was to euthanise her. I was not with her, but she was surrounded by her carers who were so fond of her, and among the herd.

I find I have to remind myself that Dee is not out there somewhere quietly grazing on a Welsh hilltop. The top fields of Briwnant, where she lived for a number of years, are visible from our house, and on a clear day I could see the horses as little dots among the green. I still look, even though it is quite a while since the horses lived there. My looking is now even more in vain.

For this, the final post on this blog, I am posting a few of my favourite photos of Dee. She was an intelligent, good looking mare, and a pleasure to ride, with courage and a strong personality. Point her at a jump and you could be sure that she would sail over it. Goodbye Dee. I wish you a fortunate rebirth.


Jodie said...

I was sorry to read your latest and last post, some lovely photos of Dee there. It has been a long time since I rode, but when i was riding I rode Red at Briwnant who was a lovely boy. I was just thinking about him and googled to see your blog, and look at some pictures of him. Best wishes, jodie

Nor’dzin said...

Thanks for stopping by Jodie. Red was bought by a nice lady in Ynys-y-Bwl after the demise of Briwnant. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to him unfortunately, but I am sure he is doing fine.