Sunday, 28 September 2008

Weekend rides

What Flower
Are You?

Over at Nuzzling Muzzles there is a link to this fun quiz. Turns out I’m a canna.

We’ve had a great weekend with the horses, hacking out yesterday and today. Red was no trouble to get ready, although he did mess about a bit for mounting. Yesterday he was a bit naughty for the first half hour or so – kept trying to head for home – but eventually settled down. Today he was much better behaved.

We rode straight up Wenallt Road to the entrance to the Wenallt horse trail this morning – a steep climb up the road for the first part and then a few steep downhill parts at the beginning of the trail. Dee coped with the climb pretty well and didn’t need to stop. Hopefully this means she is getting a little fitter now that we are managing to ride more often. Red was slipping badly on the dusty, stony, downhill tracks – much more so that he ever has before when barefoot or wearing the Boa boots.

Yesterday was cool and cloudy first thing, and the sun didn’t break through until about midday. Today was much brighter earlier and has become quite warm. We are having a marvelous September here in Wales. The sunshine has such a gentle, kindly feel about it at this time of the year, in contrast to the harsh extremity of summer sun – not that we saw any of that this year! Arriving at the stables at about 9 a.m. both mornings, the pastures were glistening with dew. In a few weeks time this silver sparkle will be a crunchy, crystalline frost icing the grass, and there will be a bite in the air, so I’m glad we are able to enjoy and take advantage of this the late warm weather.

I hope you like the picture of Dee’s magnificent tail.


Cilla said...

ahh yes the weather has been gorgeous here too. great to read you could enjoy it this weekend.
beautiful tail. thanks for that!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That is one fine tail!

Anonymous said...

That is indeed a lovely tail!

So apparently I'm a snapdragon... I'm amused on the seemingly irrelevant questions..? Eheheh. I think the explanations should at least be relating to liveliness (colour), energy (growth rate, perhaps?)... :D