Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Stormy weather

This is just a quick blog as I have not been able to write anything for a few days. Last week we were away again on retreat – this time with our students. It was a delightful retreat, in Cornwall, South West England, though not very good planning to have two week long retreats in the same month.

It is good now to be back into the routine of caring for the horses again. We had a nice ride on Sunday with our friend – who can be seen riding Red in the photograph. This was his second outing in his Boa boots (he doesn’t need them on in the arena) and he was much more confident than on the first ride. We tried trotting this time and he was absolutely fine and the boots were completely secure on his feet. Next time I’m hoping we’ll manage a longer ride, and perhaps try splashing through the stream, and a canter, to see how the boots cope with that.

The weather here in Wales is quite extraordinary at the moment. It is as if we have all the seasons in one day – or even in the course of a single hour. One moment it will be bright, hot sunshine, and then torrential rain the next. One moment it is warm and calm, and then cold and windy the next. At times it feels like we are well into Autumn already, but then the sun comes out and it is as if summer is not quite spent after all. I cannot remember the weather ever before being quite so extreme in its changeability. Yes the weather in Wales can often be quite changeable over the day, but these changes are so sudden and so extreme. Despite there being so much rain so often, it is quite stimulating and I am quite enjoying this weather – although it can be difficult to know what to wear!

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Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Glad those boots are hanging in there.