Thursday, 17 July 2008

Sky photography 4

This image reminds me of the sky as an analogy for the nature of mind. The nature of the sky is clear, blue and unobstructed. Clouds ornament the sky but do not affect its capacity to be clear and blue. The nature of the mind is to be clear and empty. It is ornamented by our thoughts and distractions, but these do not obscure the capacity of the mind for clarity and expansiveness.

In this photograph the sky is mostly grey and its vast blueness is obscured by the grey cloud. Yet shafts of bright light do shine through - just as rays of clarity can spontaneously arise in the mind even when we are at our most distracted and confused.

Ahh - I am so grateful for the opportunities to remember teachings that arise through visiting my horse. My blogging friend Victoria named her blog well: Teachings of the Horse.

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Victoria Cummings said...

Thanks, Nor'dzin. You're doing great with your horses. I love to read about your progress with Dee. Hope everyone is feeling better and that the quarantine will be lifted soon. Beautiful sky photos!