Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Rubbing noses

Dee’s swab result came back today and it’s good news – a negative result. What a relief. She is now back in the field. She is to have at least one more swab just to confirm the negative result. I am allowed to ride her in the arena, but not take her off the yard. The general quarantine is now lifted for everyone else. The geldings who had to be stabled for the full quarantine were a delight to see when they were released into their field this afternoon – playfully bucking, galloping and prancing about, enjoying the freedom.

Life should gradually return to normal now – apart from the fact of taking over full responsibility for Red again in two weeks’ time. Jayne – having given us notice that she no longer wants to have Red on loan – has bought herself a mare, so I look forward to meeting her soon. Red is going to go on full livery and we’ll keep Dee on DIY. It will be expensive, so we shall have to make sure we ride together often enough to make it worthwhile.

If we find it becomes too much, logically it would make more sense to sell Dee and keep Red. Red is big enough for us both to ride, is gentle and reliable for an inexperienced rider like ’ö-Dzin, and a horse who really is bomb-proof. He’ll ride past anything and nothing worries him. However the logic of the heart dictates that we shall never sell Dee. I made a commitment to Dee and I just love that mare so much. It is not logical, but nevertheless Dee is the horse I could never part with. Hopefully we shall be able to manage it though, and keep them both.

’ö-Dzin has been experimenting with taking photographs from unusual positions. Dee thought it most intriguing having him lying on the ground in her field. I think it has produced an interesting image even if her muzzle is a little out of focus.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

That is good news that Dee's test came back negative. I do so hope you can keep her, she seems to be your soul mate in horses.