Sunday, 27 April 2008


The horses are settling well, but are becoming a bit fed up of being kept in the stable all the time. Their 48 hour worming quarantine is nearly over now though, so they will be able to go out to graze tomorrow.

Worming is usually the first thing that happens when moving horses to a new yard - or so it has been in my limited experience. Although of course I want my horses to be healthy, I still always regret the need to kill the worms. I regret that my life is often inevitably detrimental to other life forms and try to remember this.

Red kept kicking the stable door this morning, telling us he wanted to get out, but was happy to settle for another net of hay in the end. Dee is looking a rather sorry sight at the moment. She's losing her winter coat in certain areas, but not everywhere yet, and her summer coat is coming through rather thin and dull. Her summer coat is a chestnut colour, whilst her winter coat is a dark bay, so she's looking a bit like a patchwork. It is strange that it was Red we were most concerned about a couple of weeks ago, but now I would say that it is Dee that is looking in poorer condition. I'm going to buy some linseed oil for her tomorrow. I'm sure she will soon pick up condition now that she is being fed a more balanced diet.

We took Dee and Red out for a leg stretch yesterday which they enjoyed, and they got along much better with the gates on the driveway. We'll probably do the same this afternoon if the rain holds off. I hope to be able to get up there in the morning to see them turned out into the field - I think they will be quite frisky.


Victoria Cummings said...

Nor'dzin - Welcome to the horse blog world! Thank you for visiting my blog and listing me as a link. I will gladly add you to my list. I wish you all the best with your new move with Red and Dee. You are a brave and conscientious horse owner, and Dee is so fortunate to be with you. I can sense your mixed emotions about moving her. She sounds like she really adjusted well to being part of a herd. Have you tried any of Linda Tellington Jones's TTouch exercises with Dee? They really helped me when I first bought Silk. I know that if you talk to Dee and explain why you moved her, she will appreciate it. I tell Silk everything, and there's no doubt she understands me. Please let us know how she settles in to her new surroundings.

Nor’dzin said...

Thank you for your friendly comment. I will look up the Linda Tellington Jones exercises. I had not realised that blogging would become so absorbing - I had not expected to be writing something so often!

Janet Roper said...

I needed to be reminded about the sanctity of life when it comes to worms. I have to admit I have the heebie jeebies when it comes to parasites, worms and caterpillars. It's time to reframe my outlook!

Thanks for sharing your stories.
Janet Roper