Thursday, 24 April 2008

Saying goodbye

This evening we moved all our cupboards and things from Ridgeway livery. We shall miss the beautiful view down the Wenallt valley, and the expansive skies.

I have often sat quietly on my own gazing out over the valley in this peaceful place. I would sit and open my senses, allowing myself to enter into the experience of the environment - the flight of birds and scurrying squirrels, the wind rustling in the trees, the aroma of horses and dung, the delightful sound of the horses munching, the stable cat purring beside me, gentle sunshine on my face - trying to allow my mind to be quiet and empty, but aware of everything.

Tonight we let the horses to come up to the stables for a feed on their own, rather than leading them up. This is such a nice thing to do and will not be possible at Wyndham. We opened the field gate for Dee and she just slowly made her way up to the stable and walked in. Red had not quite got the right idea. First we had to remind him that he had to go round the fence in front of the stables - that he couldn't just walk straight from the gate to the stable. Then he was a little confused about going into the stable and had to be coaxed. He got to his feed eventually.

We are looking forward to the ride down to Wyndham tomorrow - it is a pleasant ride, mostly through woodland. Their new stables are ready for them with fresh flax bedding, and we have already been warmly welcomed by several people. It will be interesting to see how Dee reacts to returning there.

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