Saturday, 26 January 2013

Visiting horses in the snow

It is not possible for us to drive up to visit the horses when there is snow on the ground.  It takes a 4 x 4 to get up Wenallt Hill and into the lane, and our van is only an ordinary front-wheel-drive vehicle.  So we get as far as we can and walk the rest.  If time is not tight, this is actually most enjoyable.  It is always possible to wrap up against the cold.

The horses are doing fine in the snow.  I am lucky in that Dee will come to the gate on the lane when I call her, even if she is out of sight in the second field.  She knows I will have a feed with me, so why would she not come if she can hear me!

She is certainly more tolerant of certain horses being near her when she is feeding.  Last time it was a piebald that she was content to have also standing at the gate while she consumed her feed.

The snow has mostly gone over the last couple of days and we have had rain rather than snow, so hopefully we will be able to drive into Briwnant again.

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