Monday, 6 February 2012

Surviving the Winter

A ride returning in the snow.
This winter has been remarkably mild and we had not really even had an overnight frost until January.  Consequently the horses are still finding some forage, and this, supplemented by good hay, is keeping them all looking round and well.  Dee is doing particularly well and has a beautifully glossy coat and has kept a good weight.  Her mane in particular is looking thicker and glossier than I have ever seen.

On Saturday the weather suddenly turned seasonal and we dashed up to Briwnant in case it would prove difficult to get there again for a few days.  Dee was in a stable having a feed of haylage, but was happy to accept a feed from us as well . . . of course.  We added an under-rug to her winter turn-out rug as it was so cold.

Red was also there and happy to be given treats.

Then surprisingly, the snow turned to rain later in the day and was all gone by the following morning.  Perhaps that is the sum total of our winter weather this year . . . or perhaps there is more to come.

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