Friday, 11 November 2011

Cuddles, carrots and country walking

I took Dee's rug off for a couple weeks because it went so mild but it's back on her again now.  It is still pretty mild but goes suddenly cold some nights and has been very wet.  She is looking really well.

As I travelled down the track to the yard today I could see that the horses were in the far fields near the motorway.  They are not usually allowed in these fields as they are kept for hay, but at this time of year they let the herd into them.  The grass there is still quite lush.  I knew it was unlikely that Dee would want to come in from there.  With so much good grass to eat she is not interested in any feed I bring her. 

She was pleased to see me and happy to come over for treats and cuddles, but I was correct that she was not interested in following me back to the yard.  That was fine by me.  I checked that she and her rugs (under-rug and waterproof sheet) were all okay and left her to it.  I'm quite happy not to be riding much at the moment.  I always enjoy just visiting the horses and it is a pleasant walk in the countryside.  I had to wade through two streams today and was pleased to discover that my wellington boots do not have any holes.

View from Briwnant
I still sometimes marvel at the recovery of my knees as I stride out with confidence across the uneven ground.  There is still the occasional twinge but mostly both knees are fine now.

Back at the yard I found Red who had just come in from an hour's ride and was enjoying some hay.  He was also happy to receive carrots and cuddles.  An enjoyable visit to Briwnant and good exercise as well.

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