Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Still pondering

Thank you very much to my blog friend at Nuzzling Muzzles for sending me this bunch of flowers. It has brightened up my day.

We are still agonising over how to resolve the conflict of wanting to own horses but not really having the time or resources. The lady from Liege Manor is coming to look at Red next week. If we are able to move Red there, this will solve part of our difficulties. I talked to the proprietor about the possibility of also moving Dee if she is happy with Red, and she said this may also be possible. I feel strange about even thinking about this as a possibility. I have always said that I would never put Dee through having to cope with lots of different people working with her again. To contemplate moving her to a working livery feels like a betrayal of the commitment I made to her when I bought her.

It is true to say that Liege Manor is a very different establishment to Pontcanna stables. Liege Manor has an excellent reputation for tuition and care. I believe the horses' work is more varied and more interesting, and if we did move Dee there, she definitely would not be spending up to eighteen hours a day in a stable. But still it feels like a betrayal. I can't think about it anymore today. There is nothing that can be done until the lady has seen Red and said whether she'll take him, so I'll stop trying to live in the confusion and worry of 'what might be' and live in the present – nothing is going to happen or needs to be decided until next week. So I can relax into the moment and enjoy the horses for the next few days.

I pass on the blog friend bouquet to David at Approaching Aro for his interesting articles about our Lineage;
to Cilla at Frontshoesonly where I so enjoy hearing about her journey with her mare Lizzie,
and to my oldest blogging friend whom I hope to meet one day – Victoria at Teachings of the Horse.


Victoria Cummings said...

Thank you so much for the flowers - I really needed them today since I'm running on empty and feeling sorry for myself right now. I totally sympathize with what you are going through with being sick and caring for the horses and the huge expense of owning these beautiful creatures but not being able to ride them. My advice, based on over a decade of owning Silk and going through similar situations and feelings several times, is to try to do nothing for the moment. My emotions got so stirred up that I wasn't able to think clearly. In the end, I didn't sell Silk and every day, I am so grateful that I have her. Your connection to Dee reminds me of mine and Silk's relationship. I think your instinct about not putting her on working livery is absolutely correct. I also believe that you will eventually be able to ride out alone with her - She will learn to trust you even more and will enjoy your time together. If changes must be made, it's obvious that you are considering the wellbeing of the horse first - which means that where the horse goes will be good for the horse. Perhaps you could find a kind person who would like to buy Red and let you ride him occasionally. I totally agree that whatever you decide, you need to be able to sleep easy at night, knowing that Red is doing fine.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I have returned the compliment at

I always find your blog interesting, even though I am not much of a horse person.

I hope that you are able to find a good resolution quickly!

Today is Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., and I am feeling grateful for the earth and sea and sky.


Lasell Jaretzki Bartlett said...

I hope that you can find the option that suits you best. When I find I feel stuck between two lousy choices, I step back and look for some third option that I've not yet seen. I'm told that when we think of two options, we are in the conflictual polarity of this or that, like a teeter totter. When we think of 3 or more options, there is movement and flow.

A reminder: horses are extremely adaptable. Yes, changes can and often stress them, but they adjust. So, I might ask, what is your worry about you, instead of what is your worry about Dee?

Wishing you the best...