Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Wonderful Red

I received a lovely message a little while ago:

Hello, I ride up at Briwnant, and found your blog – well actually I decided to try Briwnant out based on your blog.  Red is such a lovely boy, they started me on him back in August after a 15 year break from riding.  I had a fall in December from Major which has knocked my confidence a lot as well as hurting my body too!  Yesterday I plucked up the courage to phone Briwnant up and booked a short lesson and arrived to find Red tacked up ready for my first ride back from my fall. I just wanted to tell you how wonderful he was yesterday – he was perfect for me, very responsive and looked after me really well and I can't wait to get riding again now.  Thanks for reading!  J W

It is so good to receive such nice news of Red.  I wish I was able to ride him more often myself, but I am delighted that other people are able to enjoy him.  He seems to be a great favourite at Briwnant.

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Christine said...

What a nice message to get! It's always good to get feedback like that about horses we adore :)