Monday, 19 September 2011

Golf course bridleway

The trail from Briwnant yard
We've had a few lovely rides recently.  The weather is pretty changeable and we did get soaked on one ride, but then the sun came out and we were all dry again by the time we got back to the yard.

Last Thursday TK came over from Bristol again and we started on our mission to try out new rides.  This time we were aiming to find the bridleway that crosses the Ridgeway golf course.  I already knew how to access it from the Rhiwbina Hill side but did not know the way to it from Caerphilly Road  – so that was the task of the ride.

I was also trying out Red with a saddlebag with water bottles for the first time and he was fine.  It didn't bother him at all.

Across the stream from the Wenallt
We took the horses up the road to the end of Wenallt Road because we felt the trail that goes up there straight off the yard would be rather too muddy with all the rain we have had.  Red was so funny.  I was surprised at how well he was stepping out at the beginning of the ride, but when we got to the top I found out why.  He expected to turn into the track back down to the yard.  He was quite put out to be asked to carry on further.

Wenallt trail
Arriving at Caerphilly Road by The Travellers Rest we then walked the horses along the pavement by this busy road.  Fortunately there were no buses or noisy motorbikes.  In fact the entrance to the bridleway was clearly obvious.  We did miss one of the trail markers and went a little off course (well actually on course – the golf course, oops!!) but eventually arrived at the gate by the stream that marks the end of the golf course.  TK kindly dismounted and remounted to negotiate this gate and the second one near Ridgeway livery – Nell's place.  We think the horses remembered it as they used to live there.  Then it was back through the Ganol and a good canter, and home along the Wenallt trail.

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