Friday, 15 July 2011

Cheeky hi-viz jacket

I bought this great hi-viz jacket from JMP Saddlery in Llanishen, Cardiff.  From a distance it looks like a police jacket and the word 'polite' could be mistaken for 'police' – which means that perhaps a motorist will be more likely to slow down when they see you.  The jacket is police approved.  It is more comfortable than my old one and doesn't ride up when I am riding.  It also has two useful zip pockets.

I often shop at Julie's – JMP Saddlery.  I think we are really lucky in North Cardiff to have a shop like this so close to a number of livery yards, a riding centre, and the Wenallt horse trail.  As well as selling a good range of quality goods, they also offer a clean-and-repair service for rugs which I use every year.  I personally think it important to support small family businesses like this, and I would highly recommend them for a friendly and personal service.

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White Horse Pilgrim said...

Fortunately you live in a part of the country where the police are still respected. I do think that design of jacket quite clever. I used to ride on the road with a railway worker's orange jacket - bright but a bit out of place.

I have to admit that, not doing any road riding, I don't need to use bright clothing. There are a lot of military helicopters around though. A colleague who used to fly army helicopters told me that the pilots do use horse riders as practice targets, though officially this is denied.