Monday, 28 February 2011

missing the horses

My van is off the road so I'm not able to get up to see the horses at the moment.  I'm really missing seeing them every day.  Of course I could get up there if it was absolutely essential, but i am blessed with Paul and Sarian taking such good care of Red and Dee that they will manage without me for a few days.  Hopefully we will be back on the road tomorrow.

I took these pictures last week on my new mobile – an HTC Wildfire.  Very flash – and taking a bit of getting used to.  I keep embarrassingly having to ask my sons how to do things on it.  The first one of Red was to show the state of the front of his rug.  He moved his head at the last minute so it is not a very good image.  How does he manage to wreck his rugs?  It was new this winter—at the same time as Dee's—and hers still looks pretty new.  He is a vandal!

Dee's mane and forelock is looking longer and thicker than I have ever seen it.  Perhaps it is the oil I've been adding to her feed this winter. Her mane also has all sorts of colours in it ranging from rusty brown to black.  Really beautiful – but it doesn't really show up in the photograph unfortunately.  I'll try and get a close-up – if I can work out how to do that on my mobile's camera!

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